Radical Matter


Radical Matter

A must- have for professionals at the cutting edge of design, Radical Matter: Revolutionary Materials and Design for a Sustainable Future presents the ten “Big Ideas” that will shape and inform the choices of materials, design methods, and manufacturing processes made by designers in the years to come. Drawing from a worldwide community of designers who are pushing boundaries with innovative works that go beyond the notion of “sustainable design,” Radical Matter demonstrates how holistic systems of design, production, and consumption will benefit our world environmentally, socially, and economically. The ten “Big Ideas” unpack the themes that are impacting our material world through cutting-edge case studies and expert opinions: Repair Is Beautiful; Today’s Trash, Tomorrow’s Raw Material; Natural Assets; The Waste Revolution; Lessons from the Past; Co-Creation; Material Connections; Short Life Materials; Living Materials; and Future Mining. The book includes an invaluable directory of resources for cutting-edge materials and a definitive list o

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